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Self-Healing Meditations!

Our Meditation Group exists to promote our own Self-Healing and that of the Earth.
The Meditation Evenings exist to enable us to find our own inner balance,
to recognise our own themes as well as find inner peace for ourselves and the Earth.
Whenever we take the time to meditate, it is in itself a gift not only to ourselves but also for the Earth.

About our Current Meditations:
Our Meditation Group takes place on Monday and Thursday evenings at 2100 hours German Central European Time.
We connect to one another, each from the comfort of our own home, through the picture on this page.

For those who are accustomed to meditating, it is best you do so in your usual manner
with your personal theme and allow it to flow out into the group meditation.
The group consciousness elevates the intensity of your own personal meditation.
It has been my experience that many prefer guided meditations.

If you wish, you may discover a particular meditation theme through our Newsletter.

In order that everyone who wishes to can participate, and this is extremely important to me,
I have provided the opportunity for a guided meditation concerning the theme of "Nature".
You may join the group during the scheduled meditation times and meditate with the theme "Nature".
The spirit world made this meditation a gift to you, grateful for all of you who wish to help yourselves
and the Earth obtain a healthy equilibrium. In order to participate, simply click on the meditation "Nature" below.

You can of course use any of the other Meditation CDs for our group meditation.

Connect with The Group:

Use this picture to connect yourself with the group. You may do this from anywhere you choose.
As you are viewing it, say to yourself: "Through this picture I connect myself with the group."
Then, begin your meditation. This will be the meditation that speaks to you the most.
You may then connect yourself with the group that is meditating that evening alongside you.
The meditation ends whenever you feel you are ready to end it.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

For those who wish to keep abreast of the current themes, which we suggest now and then,
we will gladly inform you through our Newsletter.

It is a pleasure to welcome you.

A Newsletter exists at this time in the German language only.
Anyone interested in having a translated synopsis should please let me know.

Meditation Nature

Meditation Nature: