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About me!


My Philosophy!
I believe that physiotherapy can help reduce pain for many people. Despite that, many people have chronic problems for which physiotherapy only scratches the surface. Via treatment of the musculoskeletal system the body may be briefly energized but, in order to obtain long term health, it needs more. In addition, each individual requires healthy thoughts and emotions. Most people envision their negative thoughts and feelings as being real and in the world and do not know how to change them. I am convinced that treatment success is greater if we are conscious of our own needs and have the opportunity to integrate them into our normal everyday life. The Therapist in effect becomes purely a mediator between the patient and the disease, thereby resulting in the release of negative energy which leaves space for good feelings and thoughts resulting in positive solutions. This new force or energy then enables us to live as we may and should. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. In other words, all thoughts that lead to healing are the right thoughts!